Jenny Johnson (Author)
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The Taxi... It all started with a taxi one Saturday morning outside a fast-food restaurant...
Jannia Redmon, a newspaper reporter, is an aspiring novelist always on the lookout for promising plot ideas. One weekend, while absorbed in her morning coffee and newspaper at McDonald’s, she sees a battered white taxi waiting outside. Why would someone take a taxi to a fast-food restaurant?

Curious, Jannia follows the taxi and its unusual fellow travelers…and is plunged into a world of imperiled strangers and international intrigue. When a mysterious musician asks her to take on a startling responsibility that could alter her life forever, she is thrust into the midst of a deadly plot. The stakes become high as her decision takes her from home in North Carolina to an African country in political turmoil. Her heart and her life are in danger.
Jenny Johnson (Author) Products
Jenny Johnson's first novel, The Taxi, was published in 2012 by Oaktara Publishers. It is a faith based novel of romance and suspense.
She is also the author of a collection of award winning poems and short stories.
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"The Manger Scene," 
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The Taxi (ISBN 1602902720) is available in paperback and e-book at:
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