Jenny Johnson (Author)
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Jenny Johnson  
(pen name for Virginia Dickens)
With a BA in Literature, an M.Ed. in Speech Pathology and Audiology and a Ph.D. in Special Education, Virginia Johnson Dickens has been writing nonfiction for 34 years in her role as a university professor at Fayetteville State University (FSU). In her professional academic career, she has coauthored book chapters, journal articles, and conference proceedings related to her professional field. She also served as an FSU Teacher of the Year. She is now retired and able to pursue her novel writing interests.
The house that Grandaddy Matth Dickens built
This house, built by Matthew (Matth) Dickens about 1905 and home to Jenny and her husband, Donald, is part of a family homeplace and  farm that has been in operation for 100+ years. It's also occupied by assorted cats, two horses  and (on any given day) two children/spouses and three grandchildren.
About Jenny Johnson (Author)
Jenny Johnson is the pen (and maiden) name for Virginia Dickens (see below). Jenny is a North Carolina native who makes her home near a small Southern town on a family farm. She's been writing non-fiction for years. An item on her retirement “never-too-late" list was to write faith based fiction, reflecting her own Christian heritage. 

Jenny's first novel, The Taxi, was published in February, 2012 by Oaktara Publishers and in 2019 by Noble Theme Publishing. Her second novel, The Inn at Copper's Run, was published  in January, 2019  by Noble Theme Publishing. 
Both are faith-based romantic suspense novels. 

Her poetry and short stories have won local/state awards.

“If my novels can provoke thought about authentic Christianity through the actions of my characters, so much the better."
“My goals as a writer are simple.

I want to write quality, faith-based romantic fiction that is 
worth reading, tells a good story, promotes values consistent with my beliefs as a Christ follower, 
and leaves readers feeling positive about their investment ofof 
time and money.”     JJ